05 August 2016

[Book Review] Maybe This Time


An accidental reunion . . . a sneaky plot . . . things finally falling into place.

Maybe This Time contains three heart-warming stories of love and second chances. Because when fate gives you a break, you grab the chance to finally make things right.

 Rating: ✮✮✮✮


The best collection ever! All three stories in the book have unique charms I can’t describe, and by the time I hit the ending of the last 3rd story, I felt my heart sunk, thinking “aw, no more?”

This was the second book I’ve read from C.P. Santi, and I would say that I love it more than Be Careful What You Wish For.

The first story “Sweeter by the Second” is my least favorite, but I love the storytelling. The way the author vividly describe the town made Jimenez so alive in my head. I like the melancholy touch but not so dramatic feel.

The second story “Exorcising my Ex” was cute and funny. I loved how the daughter played matchmaker to her parents. I can’t sympathize with Viv and Geno’s past, though, probably because I’ve always been mature for my age that I found their reason for drifting apart stupid. Being young isn’t an excuse. The past aside, the present made me giggled and restless in my seat. My favorite remains to be Pamela.

The third story “Meant to Be” is my most favorite. I love the interaction between Arne and Bea, the way they transit from friends to lover super kilig! Also, I could kiss the author’s cheek for writing “Blue-eyed Viking at your side” this is my biased opinion I married one. Haha :D And the ending of this story is also the best. I love Bea’s family to the point that I wish to be a part of it. Hehehe :D

Despite being busy with my writing and catching deadlines, this book keeps me dragging me back to read. Luckily I manage to resist the temptation and read it in three days. One story a day. I would have loved to sit and read the whole book in one sitting, but that would destroy my fun of enjoying it slowly. (sigh) I wish the book had more stories.



C. P. Santi is a Filipina writer based in Tokyo, Japan. She is a wife to an engineer / musician / jokester and a full-time mom to two energetic boys. She loves cooking and feeding people, gorging on chocolate, watching J-doramas, belting it out in the karaoke box, and running around the house playing tickle tag. She also loves dreaming up stories about the people she meets.

In another life, she is also an architect and academic.

C. P. Santi blogs about writing and creative stuff at http://thejapayukichronicles.blogspot.jp. You can also view her other works in progress at http://www.wattpad.com/user/cpsanti


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