06 March 2016

[Book Review] Unintended Guardian: A Mythos Legacy Short Story


Cursed to darkness, he makes a wish for freedom. She shows up instead… 

A shapeshifting gryphon cursed to eternal darkness… 

Sunlight shouldn't be deadly to Griff Cyrus. Determined to break his curse, he follows an oracle's bizarre instructions to have a magical package shipped to his apartment. Since when do brown trucks deliver mystical cures? 

A lonely woman craving the spice of life… 

Kala Kaneko's social life couldn’t be more bland. When a strange parcel arrives at her door by mistake, she seizes the excuse to introduce herself to the intended recipient, her mysterious neighbor. 

Fate has a twisted sense of humor… 

Griff expects the package to free him from the curse, but opening the box unleashes a mythical creature bent on Kala's death. Yet if Griff follows his instincts to protect her, he could sacrifice his last chance at freedom.

Rating: ✮✮✮✮


Another sweet short story. I started reading this Jan 24 and set it aside, not because it was boring or anything, I simply prioritized my other books and forgot about this one. Last week had been a sad week for me and this short story wave to me from my Kindle. And so I started reading it again from the beginning late Wednesday night and woke up a bit happier to get back to reading the rest of the book. I have some question left when the story ended like who cursed him and a few more, but overall I had a great time reading it and had a satisfying ending. So I'll probably read the series too.

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