09 January 2016

Wolf, WY [Book Review]

Genre: Gay, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Notes: Wolf, WY contains some explicit content


There's nothing like a fresh start, and for Randy, still nursing wounds left by a cheating ex and harboring a deep mistrust for all things corporate, Wolf, Wyoming seems like the perfect place to start over. Secluded, quiet, and self-sufficient, Wolf is bound to not only inspire, but to bring Randy the peace he needs. The view's not bad, either.

Vaughn O'Connell and his family are Randy's only neighbors for miles, and while Randy knows it's somewhat unlikely that a man with three kids is gay, it doesn't hurt to look. When a misunderstanding brings Randy face to face with both Vaughn and his eighteen year old son, Lyle, Randy's not sure what to feel about either of them.

But things are not what they appear in Wolf, and the closer Randy gets, the stranger the O'Connell family seems...

My Rating: ✮✮✮✮✮彡


I got hooked by Wolf, WY after reading the teaser on a friend’s blog. I love reading teaser as it gives a little glimpse of what to expect from the book the book. Wolf, WY teaser promised me a fun and humorous read. And it was. There were things that Randy has said and did in the story which I can’t agree, but I learned to love Randy unconditionally. I can’t get enough of his humor. At first, couldn’t wipe the smile off my face even during his tragic monolog because he just god damn funny! I know he's gay but I fell for his charms. But there were a lot of moments when my heart aches for what he gone through.

I kind of predicted who Randy’s beautiful wolf was but that didn’t stop me from screaming like a fan girl when it was finally revealed. And don't get me wrong I’m happy for whoever Randy choose to have but I kind of, you know…rooted for Lyle. He has a sweet and innocent approach.

Arius: Arius is a minor character in the book but he made a big impact on me. I've mentioned this a lot before, I’m not against it, but I'm not really into reading about vampires, but somehow Arius just seems so adorable. I wouldn’t mind reading another story with him as the main character.
Anyway, I don’t have more to say about the book other than this was a wonderful M/M book or that it was a satisfying read. But I did wish that the story was a bit longer, still I’m happy that I bought it.
Now allow me to end this review with some of my favorite quote from the book:
“We all get scared. The thing is, you can only run from things for so long. Eventually you have to stand up and fight for the things you've told yourself are yours."
I wish my own parents had said this to me before, not that I haven’t fight for what I want but hearing this words would prove how much you meant to them. You know… *sniff*
"Wolf, Arius. And not just any wolf, but a werewolf. Calling him a dog is kind of like calling you an overgrown mosquito."
I feel sorry for Arius but this part sends me to laughing pit, making my sore throat and dizziness from the cold worse, but laughing was really the best medicine because I felt better afterward.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review! I'm thrilled and honoured that you enjoyed the novel. :D

    1. Hi Henley! You're welcome ^_^. It was a great read and I would love to read more of your work in the future. More power to you!


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