15 January 2016

[Book Tour] The Newbie [Book Review]


Kyrie Carter can’t believe her luck when she wins a spot on a paranormal investigation with celebrity ghost hunter Drac Petery and his heartthrob brother Gabe. As the investigation begins, her main obstacles are her unsupportive teammates and her lack of ghost hunting experience. Her biggest critic is the ruggedly handsome but enigmatic Spook Steele, who takes an instant and intense dislike to the newbie and seems determined to see her fail. However, Kyr soon realizes that her flesh-and-blood rivals are the least of her worries. The investigation takes a dark turn when the team finds evidence of a decades-old murder mystery, and Kyr becomes the victim of the resident spirit’s violent attacks. The discovery of a family connection to the Berkeleys explains the spirit’s malevolence. Will Kyr be able to help the Peterys unravel the mystery and put the Berkeley mansion spirits to rest, or will she become another victim of the house’s tragic history? And will she be able to sort out her romantic feelings for the off-limits Gabe and her growing but unwelcome attraction to Spook Steele?

My Rating: ✮✮✮✮☆彡


I take an instant liking to this book because it easy to read and lot more light hearted than my first impression upon seeing the cover, but don’t be deceive, it will soon get angsty. The humor, however, will keep you on the light side of the story.

Despite all the things that I’m about to say about the characters I really enjoyed this story. One of the reasons why I can’t rate this book five stars is because the writer kept writing the identifier (he said, I said, etc.) before the “dialogue tags,” it's tolerable but I would have enjoyed reading it more if it was written another way. That really hindered my enjoyment while reading such a beautiful story line.

The Characters.

At first, Spook Steele’s annoyed me but I was soon on his team until of course, he ended annoying me with his over the top criticism, even after Kyrie had proven herself.

Drac, well, his your lovable big brother. Kind of strict but kind. I laugh out loud imagining him cower to Aunt Julia. Haha :D 

Mr. Evans aka Cherry Pit must be a fun person to have as grandpa. I was close to my Grandfather so it was quite fun to "watch" and "listen" to him. Rose didn’t appear much but she was amusing too.

And Jeremiah, you pitiful man. I wished someone could comfort you. I know that what he did was wrong but in some way, I could really understand him.


Now, let’s talk about the main character, Kyrie.
My first impression of her was that she’s a “better safe than sorry” type of gal. However, it’s not obvious until later but Kyrie is a spoiled brat. She loves to wallow in self-pity and belittling herself, and all the while showing incredible talent. She’s stubborn, slow and hard headed. All her flaw make her a very three-dimension character. I like that. What I don’t like is how she keeps pining for a man she has no future with and still keeping another man in sight. I didn't want to agree with another reviewer but after their visit with Mr. Evans I have to agree, Kyrie annoyed me. So much I almost want to reach in my Kindle and slap her. Hypocrite! That’s I thought when she kept trying to make Gabe do the same thing that cause Jeremiah to go crazy. Argh!

Sure, I can sympathize with her. Aside from being the only girl, Kyrie and I almost had it the same kind of experience with our parents. But Kyrie's action in the present made me apathetic with her past. I get it that she has a crush on Gabe and that she finds it wrong and wouldn't want the mess that would come with it if she was to be with him, but she really know how to aggravate me with all her imagination about him. I mean if you want to get over someone, the best a person could do is stop thinking about him/her at every turn. But I get the feeling Kyrie doesn’t want that. Despite what she tells everyone, her action shows otherwise. For goodness sake stop trying to seduce the man! I hope that I’ll like her more in the next book.

Gabe, except for how he accept admiration (and probably enjoy Kyrie's flirty action toward him) I quite like Gabe's humor.

Well, that’s it. Oh and one last thing. The sudden shift of POV late in the book caught me off-guard and disturbed my reading flow. I would have loved to see one early in the book just to be prepared. But on the side note, I think I prefer reading the author’s 3rd POV writing better.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author Bio

Leta Hawk has been fascinated with the paranormal since her first encounter with a ghost at four years of age. Her first novel, The Newbie: A Kyrie Carter Ghost Hunting Adventure, was self-published in the summer of 2014, and was re-launched through Booktrope as The Newbie: A Kyrie Carter Paranormal Mystery, Book 1. A writer since high school, she has written in various genres, including poetry, children’s stories, puppet skits, and novels. Leta currently lives in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania with her husband, two sons, and a dog (but no ghosts). When she isn’t writing, she serves as a Scout leader, Sunday school teacher, and Released Time School Coordinator, Song Leader, and Listener, and tries to keep up with her sons’ busy schedules.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LetaPHawk
Links: https://twitter.com/LetaPHawk
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8349722.Leta_P_Hawk

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