08 January 2016

Bad news, good news and new year changes

Changes? Yes, just this week, I become a member of many sites. I joined Bloglovin' and SoundCloud today. I also registered this blog on NetworkedBlogs a week ago. Unfortunately, I have no followers yet. If you like my blog, please follow. I'll follow you back.Follow this blog

The biggest changes in my blogs. Migrating my website from Blogger and changing my template weren't part of my New Years resolution. But then again, I hadn't thought much of my resolution since I had a cold from the Dec. 25 all the way to Jan. 3. However, thanks to that I found out that my website isn't mobile friendly. Since then, I fought to rebuild my site. And while I was at it I also decided to get a better template for my blog.

Hope you guys love the new look as much as me! 

So what's the good news? Everything is live. And my cold is over! Yay!

And the bad news? Nah, nothing really. Just sad because I still can't connect my domain (www.jessicaelarsen.com) to the new website. But the website is already up.

It was a lot of work, and still such a shame that it will probably take a day or two more before the domain properly connects but for now I feel a lot better knowing that my "home" (at least for my books) and this blog is now responsive. :D


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