12 December 2015

Heart of a Billionaire 1: Tempted by the Boss- Review

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Adrienne is a single mom who wants nothing more than a good life for her daughter, Joanna. A college graduate, Adrienne thought she had met the love of her life, Thomas, and together they would form the family of her dreams.

Instead, it comes crashing down around her. Adrift, Adrienne does her best to get a life together to raise her daughter. When a chance at a dream job lands in Adrienne’s lap, she jumps at the chance. But to be a billionaires assistant one needs to remember to always be organized, always be on top, and never ever fall in love.

My Rating: ✮✮✮☆☆彡


Simple, light-hearted and easy to read. What's else is there left to ask for? Nothing but a wish that this book was complete. I wouldn't consider Heart of a Billionaire as "Book 1" rather it's the first part of a much longer book. I usually wouldn't want to write a review for a "book" that ends this way, but the writing was so good. I love how the author write that I just have to share it. If you don't mind reading a book ending in a kind of cliffhanger or enjoy "cake tasting" (sorry I'm not sure what word to use) then this story is for you. It's a nice way to pass the time and entertain yourself for a short time. I read this book in one sitting ((less than 30 minutes). I would love to read the next part of the book, but I don't support in chapter release unless it's free. So I'll just probably read other complete work of the author.

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