28 November 2015

[News] Novella Overhaul

When I first published "It's Just Love" my contemporary romance novella, it was edited by an editor who claimed to be a professional editor and used to be an editor some big publishing house in the US. She charged me a fortune for my 35k novella and had the nerve to say that "I don't know the first thing about editing" after the proofreader told me it needs editing. In short, I had another editor for the second round before releasing it but that was not good enough. Some the reviewers in Goodreads commented that it had grammar problems and another saying it was jarring to read. 

It took me some time to recover from it before I took the book and had it edited again for the third time, but then I caught errors short time after it was republished. It's tiring to keep revising, but I did it again and for the fourth (and the last time) I decided to have the novella by another editor whom I could trust this time.

It's not just an ordinary revising this time, but a complete overhaul. New summary, book cover and new Title. 


So give this new version a chance!


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