30 November 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015

What a gloomy way to end my month. November should be a month for me to concentrate on writing my NaNoWriMo novels. But no, this November is just full of happening. For the fourth (and hopefully the last) time, I had “It’s Just Love” re-edited. The new editor will be same editor who edited my shorts stories, after receiving some rather bad reviews about grammatic errors instead of the story itself. Then after having received the files back, I got busy with changing the covers and work on it too while struggling to find time to write on top of my busy Christmas season job.

My first plan for NaNoWriMo this year was to write something I’ve never tried before, a dystopian fiction. But as NaNoWrimo came closer and closer, I panicked.
I’m not ready for dystopian! I still need more training. I like creating havoc in my head, but I’m not strong enough or confident for this genre. Then, I thought of writing Descendants of Heaven, a fantasy fiction that has been in my PC far too long. However, I canceled that too. I’ll go for something simpler or so I hoped.

Filipino drama! Not Taglish, I’ll write it in as much Filipino as possible (English will unavoidable in Filipino book because Philippine language has a lot of borrowed words but yeah!) 

However, I’m such fickle person, so I went back to Descendants of Heaven at the last minute and started working on it by November 1. 

I manage to write more than 10k by day 3 but then...
...nothing… My word count didn’t increase as much as I wanted. It is said, “third time’s a charm” my third NaNo novel won’t be reaching 50k in the near future. I tried my best, but I guess I’m not lucky to win again. But if things go smoothly I’ll probably finish the first draft before valentines next year.

I'll try again next year. If the third novel isn't the charm, then maybe my third year of joining will be.


  1. Hi friend! <3 Ang ganda ng mga emoticons mo! <3 Let's both try harder next year :D I'll try to finish my Nano novel before the year ends though. <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks sa comment friend ^^ Haha :D emoticons pala rito yung tinutukoy mo, medyo nalito ako nang banggitin mo sa hangout. Good luck finishing your novel!


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