05 November 2015

Changing the Edits- haha :D

For almost any author out there, there's probably nothing more rewarding to hear/read a readers review. But sometimes that review could knock the daylight out of the writer.

It happened to me too many times. I know I can't please every reader, but what saddens me most is if the reader is disappointed not because of my fiction but because of the editing.

Yes, I know I maybe not the world's greatest storyteller, but I want my readers to review the story, not spot grammar mistakes and rate the book low because of it.

Here's one of the review from Changing the Past, one of my free ebooks on Smashwords:

July 18, 2015: "The characters in this and the story line are very good. However, work needs to be done with the currently poor grammar. For this reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5."

I kind of brushed it off, thinking that maybe the reader was just too strict with the grammar. Even if the ebook is free, I did pay to have it edited and proofread by an editor. But I expected too much.

About a month later. Oct. 26 I got another review that shook me. Here's what the reader wrote:"This short story is good but the grammar does need some work."

Wah! I don't want my reader to think that I'm sloppy with my work.

And that's when I thought of Sharon Stevenson. For years now, I've been struggling to find an affordable editor that would be able to edit my story without making me fret of the result, and I believe she's the person for the job. She had already edited my soon to be released short story, The Flame Squad: Sly Prince, and a good friend (not a friend who just flatters me, she is an honest reviewer) told me that it was nicely edited, this never said that to my other work before.

Thanks to Sharon, I can now proudly present the new edited time travel romance, Changing the Past.


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