20 June 2015

The Butterfly Effect

As my slogan say, I'm in love with happy ending. I've never read Shakespeare's book so I won't pretend to know what I'm talking about. But one thing I do know is that I hate Romeo and Juliet's love story, not because the story is bad. No, I've watched the old film (not sure from what year, but one thing for sure it was before 2000. And no never felt interested to watch a newer versions,) I have to say that even though I know how it would end I was still really depressing to see a tragic ending. It's been years since I watched the film, and I still bear the scar.

Enough about Romeo and Juliet what I really want to talk about today is the film called "The butterfly effect." I just watch the first film and must get my feelings out of my chest. 

I mean why?

Oops! Warning... spoiler ahead.

Oh, but first the intro:

(source: Wikipedia.org)


Evan Treborn frequently suffers from blackouts, often at moments of high stress. As a young child and adolescent, Evan suffered many severe sexual and psychological traumas. These traumas include being coerced to take part in child pornography by neighbor George Miller (father of Kayleigh and Tommy); being nearly strangled to death by his institutionalized, mentally estranged father, Jason Treborn , who is then killed in front of him by guards; accidentally killing a mother and her infant daughter while playing with dynamite with his friends; and seeing his dog being burned alive by Tommy.

Seven years later, while entertaining a girl in his dorm room, he realizes that when he reads from his adolescent journals, he can travel back in time and is able to redo parts of his past. His time traveling episodes account for the frequent blackouts he experienced as a child.

* * *


Why? Why do the can't Evan and (her name) be together? He has gone through so much trouble to change things. They suffered so much together. They have so beautiful chemistry, why do one of them have to die? Well, I'm not saying that they should die together, it's just that this bittersweet ending is making me heartbroken.

I still love the film and I almost want to be mad at myself now for thinking that it was actually a nice ending too.

I've also watched the second and third film. The second wasn't anything special, and the third had a kind of happy ending, but they weren't as good as the first.

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