21 March 2015

BuqoYA Experience

I don’t know how many writing challenge I’ve joined since I started writing, but one thing is for sure: nothing is more fun than overcoming it. My first exhilarating experience was probably when I managed to write my first 50k English novel for NaNoWriMo two years ago. The next was #buqosteamyreads which Mina V. Esguerra facilitated last year. It was sponsored by a Philippines eBook distributer Buqo.com.ph. It’s sad, but I did not manage to complete my assigned trope in time; however, I got to attend the face-to-face meeting, after much trouble and nearly crying in the lobby because I forgot to bring even a single ID. (That was such an embarrassing experience… I don’t think I’ll ever forget it my whole life! Haha :D) Then I also joined #flirtsteamyreads, but I lost my interest in writing early on the challenge. After that,
I made a mental note not to join any more writing challenges and just focused on my own writing, but you know, a challenge for me is like a drug - once I get a taste of satisfaction, I can’t resist but try when another one comes along.


This year, Mina once again facilitated another writing class for Buqo, called #buqoYA. Unlike the previous classes this one required a teenage protagonist (well, it’s YA) and the reason I was attracted to it was because they accept not only English, but also Filipino and Taglish (Tagalog/English), so I signed up.

There was four trope categories.

#1: OOML (Out Of My League)- My favorite! I even wrote a plot and created a character profile that would be suitable for it.

#2: FTMTF (Friends To More Than Friends) - This is great too! In fact, the one I wrote for OOML would fit in here too.

#3: HYLY (Hate You Love You) - Oh please! Please, please! Don’t let me get this! I prayed from the bottom of my heart, because I already have lots of draft with this trope.

#4: BDE (Best Day Ever) - I had no idea about this until Mina sent the class email and explained what it was all about.

Then I went and read what my trope and bam! Hello, HYLY.

I was so annoyed with the trope that I was about to give up, but thanks to my #buqoYA classmates, especially Six De Los Reyes, who privately chatted with me and cheered me up, I was able to move on and get started. Yay!

It was the first time I wrote Taglish in first POV but hey, it actually worked! Somehow I feel like I was able to completely convey what I wanted in my fiction for the first time.

I was a bit pressured by the activity requirements but it was thanks to another classmate and a good friend, Josephine Litonjua, that this challenge went smoothly till the end. And of course to Mika who kindly offered her service to #buqoYA participants and saved me (and four others) from searching for another editor. Thank you ^.^

So far, I can confidently say that #buqoYA has been the most fun and exciting challenge I’ve joined.


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