07 November 2014

Totally (not) going as planned

Life sure love putting us in unpredictable situation. Before November start, I was determined to write the Pillars of Life. But because of other stories bothering me, I tucked my tail between my legs after that big declaration and decided to write another story after fixing my biggest problem. (See this post) Now that my first issue is solved, a sudden inspiration hit me. I'm going to write Pillars of Life after all! Never mind if I'm 8 days late! I'm totally going to do my original plan. *nod to myself* I'll try and win this thing and brag about it if I ever manage. Hahaha! :D Oh, but, if I didn't, please don't throw rotten eggs rotten at me, okay? Some ice cream for consolation would be much appreciated. Hehe...

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