04 October 2014

Yehey! Now let me brag ;)

Yes, yes, yes! I've finally done it! Yesterday night, (Oct.04) I finished the longest story I've ever written. It's 87,000 words. I know that's not much for some writers, but I've got to say that it's no joke to me. I wasn't one of the lucky one to be born with English, so writing a book that long (a paranormal/fantasy to top it off) really burnt me out. Now, for the rest of the day, I keep blanking out. I probably used too much my brain to dig out all my English knowledge to finish the book 3 months.

I didn't start and finish it inside that months, though, I wrote this book for NaNoWriMo challenge last year. I manage to write 50k+ in 30 days, but then suffered from writer's block and move on to write other books, it wasn't until 3 months ago that I dedicated myself into finishing it. I don't know how great the story is, as I'm not a good judge of my own writing. But sure great to finish it.

So here I am! Tired, sleepy, hungry but happy.

As for the book. I entitled it, "Fumes Variola" and the story is about a mysterious black smoke called Fumes Variola that could only be seen by those who had been possessed by it, it feeds on the negative side of any being. It could possess anyone and turn that person completely evil. Audrey is a thirty-five-year-old witch who decided to go back in time and stop her best friend, Nova, from being possessed by it and change the future. She failed on her first try and died in the past, but she was able to save Gretchen, Nova's daughter, with the help of her younger self. On her second try to go back in time, due to unforeseen circumstances Audrey, brought Gretchen back with her, and once again get killed, leaving the fifteen-year-old Gretchen in the past.
Now, with the help of a playful wood sprite, it's up to Gretchen to change the past, but what could she do? Other than making simple potions, she has no power to fight against her mother, and to make the situation more difficult, a celestial nymph seemed to have prophesied her arrival in the past, many centuries ago.


  1. Jho here <3 Congrats, my friend! So happy for you :) Will follow you in Instagram <3

    1. Thanks friend! :D But there's still much to do before I can say that this book is ready to publish (or submit to agents/publisher) but yes, for now I'll celebrate. Following you back ^_^


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