10 September 2014

Weight Loss with Coconut oil

Other than writing and reading fiction book, I also like reading herbal, acupuncture, massage, yoga... you name it and that includes "alternative" diet books. However, I never really been into reviewing them. Somehow, I don't know how to express myself when it comes to them. But two days ago I read John Webs book and I somehow got inspired to review it :)

My rating: ★★★★ / 


You’re about to discover how to use coconut oil when cooking and preparing food for weight loss, health and beauty.

A few years ago, you probably do not care about coconut oil unless you are cooking exotic dishes like curry. It used to be a food ingredient that you do not normally use and you can only find it in specialty stores like Asian stores or health food stores.

Recently, coconut oil gets recognized for its role as an effective ingredient that promotes many benefits. This is the reason why many people start talking about it and start to include it in their everyday diet. If you also want to find some great recipes using coconut oil, you are in luck because this book includes coconut oil recipes that promote weight loss, health, and beauty.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn When You Download Your Copy Today:

  • Everything You Need To Know About Coconut Oil
  • Coconut Oil Recipes For Health And Weight Loss
  • Coconut Oil Recipes For Beauty
  • BONUS CHAPTER from "Essential Oils - A Beginner's Guide To Lose Weight, Increase Energy And Stay Young & Healthy With Essential Oils"
  • Much, much more!



Being born from a country abundant with coconut trees and being a coconut lover myself (oil or whatever) I pride myself for knowing a lot about coconut products and the benefits it gives. Sure, I've read a lot of familiar information that I already know in this book, but I kept reading. It's fun reading it and the recipes were great! And most of all, I gain even more knowledge reading the book, especially in the end.

Want to loss weight the fun way, without making yourself sick of eating salad every single bloody day? Try this! ^_^

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