03 September 2014

My tour to another town

There's one good thing to have older people as your neighbors. That is, they're most likely done decorating their homes and you'll have a quiet day most of the day the whole year. One thing is good to have a new younger neighbor would that you save your alarm clock from being tossed to the wall each morning when you don't feel like waking up, because they'll wake you up with their noise! God dammit, I feel so annoyed! I feel like there's not a day that one of our apartment neighbors don't drill on the stone wall! This week is the worst! Luckily, it's the day my husband and I decided to travel on another town in Norway.

Road to Sarpsborg

Waiting to board the Ferry in Moss port after Waiting to board the Ferry in Moss port after my longest #drive for the first time in a peaceful #Norwegian #highway in the night.

At the Salon of the Ferry as it's not allowed to be in the car deck.

Now, it's past midnight and I'm back home. In cozy silent. So, it's time to get back on my writing. Hahaha :D


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