02 September 2014

A new Favorite!

A lot of good things happen for watching romantic films. I get cheered up! Haha :D And to welcome Sept. what could be better than a RomCom review!

Today's film is I do, but I don't! Staring, Denise Richard & Dean Cain, now if I could just find out who the gay assistant at the end of the film my day would even get better. Shh...I'm his new fan! I wish I could watch more of his movie (if he have a lead role.)

Junior wedding planner Lauren Crandell is assigned a wedding for Darla Tedanski, the daughter of a prominent family by her boss Gennifer "G", who promises her a long overdue promotion if she does well.

* * * * *

This film is funny, simple, not too dramatic and romantic! There're lot of misunderstandings, but with a nice happy ending we are looking for! This romantic comedy just made my day!


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