25 August 2014

The pressure of searching

If you've lived more than ten years, I'm sure that you experience doing something that made you feel so fulfilled, but then realized... oh shoot! You did something so embarrassing because you too excited about it and forget that small little but very important detail. Well, welcome to my day.

I spent more than five hours constructing a perfect CV.

(I don't earn that much from writing so I need a new job after the company I work for got in economic trouble) The CV is in Norwegian since I'm now job hunting in Norway. I could speak the language and even write a bit, but it seriously needs a major editing (with the help of my husband.)

Then next I must write my cover letter (in Norwegian and again the editing) after all the pain. I copied the edited version and place all the necessary details in.

Took a deep breath and with eyes half closed. I click; send. Smile, giggle and celebrate for finally taking the first step, but a few minutes later, I get a confirmation email with and attach is the copy of my application. And at the end of the cover letter a foreign word shines brightly.

Lykke Til! 

Huh? W-wait! What? Did I just send an application letter and end it with "Lykke Til" as in "Good Luck?"
*Face-palm* oh my god!! So embarrassing! However, sending it again is even more embarrassing. ><

Ugh, next time I should maybe keep my eyes wide open before clicking the doom send button.


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