09 August 2014

My Chinito Boss

My rating: ★★★★ / ★★★★
3.5 stars actually, but I’m feeling generous after reaching the final so, yes. 4 stars it is!

My Review:

This book is a lighthearted read, just the way I like it, not so much drama, not too emotional but still manage to capture my attention after a few pages.

What annoyed me in this story was how Sam keeps saying “Nothing” each time Jae-Sun ask her what she said in Tagalog. I mean can’t she at least, come out with it once or twice? But, that aside I love how I could really feel the different culture between the two characters. Though, I would have loved to read more background story of Jae-Sun, and their love, because it feel a little short. My kilig moments only started and the story was already near the end. :(

Oh well, this still definitely one of the best Tagalog romance I read this year.

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