15 August 2014

First personal post?

Josephine Litonjua, a friend I met online and personally last time I went to the Philippines (finally, after 10 years) advise me to start blogging about my travels too, post pictures of places I've been and such. And I thought: "Hey, that's not a bad idea!" sure I like blogging about book reviews and other entertainment, but I can't always have time for that so here's my first (bit more) personal post. Though it's not about my travel, but in a way it is my journey. hehehe :D

I learned to play chess game when I was about 20 years old ( 9 years ago ) I hate playing it then because I always lost to my teacher ( my husband ) and for years we haven't played it. Three weeks ago we started playing chess again, at least twice a day in the weekends, and though I still keep losing most of the time my hubby seems to be having more hard time winning. And last weekend I finally have my first victory! Yay! Victory dance! I was already defeated twice tonight, but I'll aim to win tomorrow! This picture is my inspiration. Hahaha :D hahh... I feel so lame ... -_-


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