04 June 2014

The Waitress

My rating: ★★★★


Katie Simmonds wants to be a film director. Last week she wanted to be a writer, the week before that an educational psychologist, and the week before that a florist. One thing Katie isn't short of is ambition, but she knows for certain that none of her ambitions are to be a waitress. Unfortunately, Katie Simmonds is a waitress.

Hassled by customers, badly paid and stuck with the boss from hell, Katie's life hasn't turned out quite as she'd planned. As for relationships, she's starting to discover that a career choice isn't the only commitment she has problems with. But just when she thinks that things can't get any worse, the cafe where she works is taken over by the last man in the world she wants to see again. Maybe Katie's been waiting at tables - and waiting for Mr Right - for a little too long...

A heartwarming, laugh out loud novel about love, hopes, dreams... and waitressing.


My Review:

When I read this book, I wasn't so into reading thick books because I get impatient and most of the time ending up jumping to the last chapters after reaching the middle, but this is one of those books which I patiently read through all chapters.

I actually wasn't expecting anything about this book. I bought it on a whim actually while I was on a date with my husband. And yes, to be honest it was because of the more because of the cover than the blurb, hahaha :D

But after reading this book, I was amazed. I liked it. The story was written nicely and I smiled a lot. It was because of this book that I bought "The Nanny" but after 3 chapter I got tired of it and place the book aside (haven't touched it again) The Waitress is better.

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