03 November 2013

Help Campaign Amazed: A Girl's Infinite Pursuit to Grasp the Essence of Humanity in Writing

I'm seriously busy right now but I'll be dropping by and just post this for anyone who would like to help.

Amazed: A Girl’s Infinite Pursuit to Grasp the Essence of Humanity in Writing 

Life is nothing as it seems.

And yet its simple but profound wonders are the core that makes human existence all worth it.

In this candid collection of essays and short stories, the girl with the infinite pursuit brings to light her insightful, heart-tugging, and seemingly ordinary moments in the chase to unravel the exquisite marvel that is our lives.

Why Do This?

Have you ever been so sure of one thing in your life?
For me, that’s writing. Even when I’m going crazy with whatever is happening in my life, I always go back to that still corner inside my heart where I can say everything without boundaries. And that’s writing to me.
Over the years, I have written personal experiences and observations that helped me get through. Made me understand why things happen or don’t happen. Brought me hope when life seems to feel unbearable. Writing has always done that for me. It has always taught me to be grateful.
It’s never been easy to reveal part of yourself to others, especially those thoughts most dear to your heart. But I know that it would be more of a disgrace not to. Since I owe it to myself and to the rest of this given life to make it count. These words, they will be eternal, and hopefully in some way bring meaning to the lives of those who will read them.
This collection reflects part of my life that I never imagined would be given a chance to be shared to the world. But now that my time has come, your contribution to publishing this book will forever be imprinted in my heart. A gratitude more than any words can ever try to express.
With your help, I can fulfill a dream. And that is, to share my deepest realizations of what life, for me and I know for many pursuers like me, is and should truly be all about.

Why we need your help

Amazed is self-published. With your support, we will be able to afford the costs associated in publishing this book.
Besides, they say life is richer, grander, and more meaningful when you share it with others.
And when you actually get to read someone else’s life and reflections from the pages of a book, life becomes more real, more resounding, and more deliberate.
You begin to ponder about your own life. On family, on work, on love, on hope, on pain, and on the real things that matter. It’s our personal learnings shared with others that make us better human beings because it teaches us not to become bystanders in our own lives.
That’s what this book sets out to do.
And with your help, this book can reach more readers, touch more lives. More than you think possible.

Production costs

For both print and eBook

• Editor fees
• Layout fees
• Cover illustration
• eBook conversions
• Marketing
• Print costs 

Other Ways You Can Help

You can also help us by:
  • Getting the word out about our campaign.
  • You can also blog, reblog, tweet, and share this campaign in Facebook. 

About the Author

Joanne Crisner Alcayaga is a Journalism graduate from the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD). She had previously worked as a writer for a Public Relations firm in Makati but is now working as a Supervisor at Tollways Management Corporation while doing freelance writing in her spare time.

Though she studied Journalism, Joanne is more passionate about creative writing, mainly doing personal essays, poems, and short stories on the essence and beautiful complexities of life.
Joanne Crisner co-authored Brightest, a children's book about a lost firefly catcher, trying to find his way home; and a broken firefly that had long lost himself. And how friendship and being there for each other had made a difference in their lives.

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