15 August 2013

Honey Moon

Honey MoonHoney Moon by Shouko Akira
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well the first story is the usual two-stranger-become-siblings-become-lover kind of thing, it’s a predictable story but I can’t seem to stay away from reading this kind of story anyway.
What I hate in this kind of plot is that most of the story has always the older-"sister", why? Can’t the boy be the older one for once? I’m fine with girls being older; in fact I already have stories where the heroine is older but I don’t think it happens a lot in real life (or do it happens often now?)

Anyway, with age aside, I also find it strange that two parents would just leave their two teenage kids who've just met alone. However, with all that being said I still read the story all the way to the end and enjoyed seeing the inevitable unfold.

The second and fourth story is cute.

But my favorite is the 3rd story :)

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