21 June 2013

Someday My Prince

Someday My PrinceSomeday My Prince by Martha Cecilia
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I used to own the complete Sweetheart series when I was a teen. And I remember loving every story especially this volume. Which is why I bought it again for collection sake but I regret doing so. I still like the book and the story is fine but it's not as enjoyable as I remembered it. For one thing, the story jumps around too much. It starts when the boy is already an adult, then the story went back in time to the time when he was a young teen, then two years later, then back to the continuation when he was a teen. Then it forward decade into the future and once again back a few years in the past (with another past scenes in between) and again and again. It's not confusing but really tiring that after I reach chapter 17 out of 21 chapters I was so tired of reading the story I fast read the whole thing.


I was actually also a bit annoyed by the fact that he found it to be a betrayal to love the daughter of Zach but not his wife.

All in all this story made more appeal to me when I was younger.

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