17 June 2013


Would it still be considered a review if I only talk about the characters? Just wondering 'cause I just finished watching D-gray man anime.




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Okay here I go.

D-gray man is great! I love love love it! (And I wish more anime seasons come)

The story is wonderful I have no complain at all, and the characters are great but I'm boiling right now because of some

First of all lot of good guys I like died, second there's some characters who I want dead is still walking around and kicking!
And I don't mean the bad guys, but the members of the protagonist!

I see, a lot of people commented that they hate, dislike, irritated and that they wish that Lenalee to just die but I think the one I'm annoyed on most is Chaoji or Chaozii Han. His so short minded and ignorance of other people point of view! Allen is doing his best to save everyone including his sorry ass when he was defenseless yet he still suspect Allen for being a traitor. He doesn't even know and I don't get the impression that his trying.

No offense to Chaoju fans but Chaoji should DIEEE!!!

*wheeze* *wheeze*

*collapse of madness*

*wakes up*

I'm still bothered.

Okay as long I already mention Lenalee  I'll keep going about her.

Though I was againts that other hate her especially after she lost her long hair I think she's okay. I don't like her too but I don't dislike her either, she's just her. But of course if I'm completely honest I like her better in the beginning before her long hair was lost. Because it was as if she did not only lost her long hair she also lost the personality that she used to have. But all in all I prefer Lenalee over many other shounen female character. Why? That's because she doesn't kick the main character around like she's the boss.

Allen: I was very neutral about him in the beginning but I think around the same time that Lenalee lost her appeal, Allen got cooler and cooler, then after he synchronize with crown clown, there was no
more moments where I think his lame. Oh sweet Allen *fan girl scream* Kyaaaaa! (that was for the cool him)

Lavi is great too! I never dislike anything about him from the start, he was my first favorite but after Allen come back from the "dead" he become my second favorite.

Kanda is hmmm...well I was annoyed at how cold he is toward his comrade but I slowly grow over it, and by the time they was on the ark I like him already.

Cross Marian, his cool! One could say that he treated Allen badly, but when I think about it from his view he probably did all those things to make Allen stronger.

Arystar Krory: Though many said that he's lame, but I think that he's actually cool and manly. His clueless and funny.

Miranda too, I like her too, whenever she's arround I feel cheered up.

Lu Fan, hahaha, I love this girl! Especially because she cares so much for Allen, and she's funny when she's lost in her fantasy.

Ah, and of course Komui, oh how could I almost forgot about him. Yeah, his my favorite too! I can't put him in any number since his special, same with Bak Chang and Foo.

And there's some Finders which I hope I could have seen more in the series. Micheal, Toma (he was closed to Allen) Gozu his funny too (cries a lot)
And Devon, tsk, he die too early!

Hmm...I don't think I forget to list anyone, since the rest of the characters is not likeable ot hateful enough to mention. They're all okay.

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