13 May 2013


Genre: Romance, Comedy


Summary: For 10 years Saika has done everything she can to get close to her love Keishi. She followed him to the same high school, joined the same committees, and even changed her outward personality to become the right match for Keishi. One day, looking for Keishi in the special section of the school, she runs into the school's trouble-maker Kirisaki Shin. As he begins to bully her, her true personality comes out: loud-mouthed and violent. To her dismay, Kirisaki decides that he likes that kind of girl. Lovey Dovey is the story of Saika's trials and tribulations in a love triangle at a school where "Love is Prohibited." (Source: Animenewsnetwork)


Though it's annoying why a school would forbid their student to have a relationships. Lovey-dovey still a great manga, very mild smut but lot's funny and romantic moments. The drama is light hearted and though it's reverse harem it's not bad at all because no one seem to get hurts too deep. I love it for that.

The characters are so lovable. Shin never fail to cracked me up or surprised me with his lack of common sense, his childisness, hot temper and irrational attitude but most of all his honest and straightforward personality.

I also like Saika, I like how she don't lost her sight of who she truly love, unlike many shoujo manga, who a strong character person who suddenly break and fall for the person who's next to her. Which was actually what I was expecting in the beginning but I'm glad to be wrong!

Though the main characters become a couple very early in the story, there's no exchange partners or major problem between them. The story focused more on how they struggle to keep their relationship as others tries to break it apart.

Oh and though I was not all for it that he would be partner with Saika, I love Keishi! I like how he make bad and challenging statements with a smile.

 By the way. The director is really annoying! What's up with him! Even if his draw to be handsome, I want to destroy his face! One thing that his wife is responsible for him to act bad toward Shin, it's another story for him to lay a hand on someone else girlfriend!

It's really fun to read and I hope there's going to be an anime for it.


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