18 May 2013

Eurovision 2013

For ten years of watching European song contest (Eurovision) I’m so happy that tonight the one I’ve been cheering for the most in the contest are the one who win! Yaay! Hurra for Danmark! You were great!

I love the music and the performance! I love the fact that the singer walked around barefoot. Though I’m bit sad too because I would actually like to see the Belarus as the second and Finland as the third (though the kiss at the end of her singing turn me off a bit. Not because I'm against it, I just don't find it to match the music in my imagination)

 Ireland wasn’t bad too, and it's too sad that they came in as last since in my opinion, they’re actually better than the one who came in second, Azerbaijan.

Okay here's the video of the winner!


And for my second runner up Belarus!

And my third runner up! Finland!

I also love the Malta's song! The singer is a doctor and he look liked he could melt your sickness away with his smile. A special song from him.

I could not find the one from the contest but here's the original music video.

BUT my favorites did not stop at that. I also like the song from Iceland, Greece, Ukraine, Ireland and of course Azerbaijan.

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