29 April 2013

Monkey High Volume 1

Monkey High!, Vol. 1Monkey High!, Vol. 1 by Shouko Akira
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I Like this shoujo manga. Unlike most manga where the heroine fall for the "popular" alpha hero, she choose the one every girl can't seem to imagine why,. But of course the hero is still like by other characters. I like him too, cheerful and easy going but could occasionally get serious. I like how relax the story go but still keep on the edge of my seat. I'm currently on Volume 5 and I'm still liking it. And I hope that last to the end because what I hate in most shoujo demography manga, is that the likable female heroine become a indecisive annoying female character once she become face with a challenge. (especially about two males)

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